The best of intentions…meant to post a few hours sooner but darn it just got done making these tasty pancakes that go with the syrup I made earlier in the day before the day got away from me.

So without further adieu, what follows are my syrup recipes, one for blueberry and one for strawberry! Use a spoonful or two of these syrups in lemonade, on icecream and yes french toast or waffles…yum.

Recipe for Strawberry and Blueberry Syrup

2c. of freshly rinsed and sliced strawberries

1 &3/4 c. of freshly rinsed blueberries

3c. of sugar measured in 3/4 c. measures

8tbsp of water for the strawberries

1/2 cup of water for the blueberries


OK so yesterday I said I made better than the Pioneer Woman’s pancakes and well I said that because most of us don’t have cake flour and butter on hand all the time, so I experimented and made my own.

Better than the Pioneer Woman’s Pancakes Pancake Recipe


3c. of regular ole all purpose white flour

3tbsp of baking powder

1/4 tsp of salt

4tbsp of sugar

2c. of milk


2 capfuls of white vinegar put in milk to create “buttermilk”

2 eggs beaten

2tsp of vanilla

1/4 c of oil…vegetable, canola and coconut all work well

combine the dry and add the wet and mix with wooden spoon…..this will be a THICK batter if its to thick for you add a tbsp or two of milk

cook on a hot griddle or nonstick pan

serve with homemade syrup and everyone will LOVE you

serve with pancake covered bacon and everyone will WORSHIP you


* updated this ….oh yes you get 16 bacon pancakes and 20 to 24 depending on how large you make them regular pancakes!!!



Dry measure and liquid measure…..measure differently its important to have both kinds of measuring cups so that your recipes come out right. You can see the water from the blue 1c. dry measuring cup is not quite 1 c. liquid measure. Hope this helps your recipes come out better! I don’t like thin pancakes I like fat and fluffy pancakes and these are it…I made one with bacon in the center and oh my goodness it was so good! I put my precooked bacon on my griddle to warm it up and then laid out some batter put the bacon on top and drizzled a bit more batter on top and yes bacon does make everything better!Not to mention this batter holds blueberries and chocolate chips well  and yes bacon!!!

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