Finding time to craft…. Feeding my soul….

I have been trying to find time to craft almost every day.  I am trying to build product for my Etsy store, and also to have a Christmas in July craft sale. I don’t stick to one medium and perhaps if I did I could be more productive, but crafting for me is much like picking. I have to be inspired. Sometimes its the items I pick that inspire me and other times its little things that I have accumulated over the years that are laying around. I had these scrapbook stickers that  were fortune cookies fortunes and I had these wooden red plaques that I had already painted red, then I got the bright idea to sculpt some fortune cookies our of sculpey and voila! I burnished them with gold, red and gold being traditional Chinese colors for happiness and wealth. I created some little fortune cookie plaques that make great little gifts to have on hand. I know I am going to make a bunch more and give them to my friends if not for Chinese New Year or Valentines Day, just because is perfect too. I think these would be great gift boxed in a Chinese food take out box!

Fortune Cookie Inspiration

I have been working with burlap this last week also and love the juxtaposition of its texture next to feminine material like lace and tulle, and pearls and rhinestones. I have been working on ideas for my daughters wedding and my other business freelance floral and event design and I found some burlap ribbon and became inspired to make some pew bows, these will probably be similar to what we do for my daughters wedding. Then I got inspiration from these bows to make some wedding decor that can be used with these bows. I had a chalkboard I had upcycled from an ugly picture, and a small galvanized tin I had chalkboarded also.The photos are below. All of these items are in my Etsy store A Pickers Daughter.

The picture I found was not to my liking and luckily peeled right off once I put it in water. I then painted the board where the picture used to be with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint has inspired me to do so many projects the 10.00 dollars I paid for that can was worth it! The new chalkboard sat around my house after I painted it, then after making the pew bows I made an embellishment to put on it. I went burlap rosette crazy and made a magnet to put on a galvanized tin. I think these items would work well in a Rustic or Vintage Country themed wedding.

Ugly second hand picture

After…. Suitable for a vintage country themed wedding chalkboard

Galvanized tin with chalkboard and burlap rosette suitable to use to hold cards at vintage country themed wedding

its a magnet

Rosette Detail

This past weekend I wanted to learn about doing transfers. Prints to fabric and such. I went to  where I found and downloaded some lovely ephemera and vintage prints. I love her site. It is a treasure trove to crafters. I printed some things out on wax paper and muslin two future tutorials. I opted for stamping my muslin towels today though until I have time and citrasolve to perfect the transfer process.

Vintage Palmistry Ephemera printed onto muslin

Reverse side of hand

Sample of ephemera printed on muslin from the, have to finish this palmistry guide up with ribbons…I stuffed it and will go in my room somewhere with all of my other curiosities.

I am inspired everyday I love to create things that make people happy and I love how working with my hands allows me to make something from the heart. I made this wreath for my grandsons kindergarten teacher who told my daughter “I have never received a gift like this before!” she loved it.

Teachers Wreath

 It makes me feel good to know the gift I made will be treasured. The things I create will be loved by someone else, even the things I pick. I think about where they will end up and if they will be loved as much as when I first saw them. Inspiration can be a thing, or a feeling, a memory but it will be something that is cherished, much like the things you may create. Wish I was at the beach now……looking forward to my family trip to the coast soon. I am sure I will get inspired there!

Life’s A Beach Whimsical Sign

I will always find time to craft now…I put it off for so long, investing my energy in a codependent relationship for far too long. Now that I have been creating again, I feel like my mind is freer and clearer and I have a new vision for how I will live my life. I will always make time for feeding my soul, so should you…..




A Pickers Daughter

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