This is a project you can do in seconds to change your living space. I had bought two old suitcases years apart each costing me less than a couple of bucks. I bought one because I liked the fact that it was squared off and made pretty solidly. Then a year or two later I found a matching one. I had visions of stacking them and making an ottoman and adding feet to them but I never did. They are made of an older style of pleather…vinyl and stitched. I have toted these around for years and have used them to store VHS movies in, tells you how long I had them. One day while doing laundry at a local laundromat I salvaged a store fixture from the jeweler/pawn shop next door. It had three concentric circular shelves getting larger toward the base. It had a free sign and I made my daughter help me load it into our old van we had at the time. It sat in my backyard until I decided to go take all the shelves off and the shelves sat in the garage for a year.  When we moved we really had no furniture, most things were given to us or thrift store finds, we had found a sofa and realized we needed end tables. I pulled out the suitcases and the shelves and voila….INSTANT END TABLES! Surprisingly they were pretty solid and didn’t ever get disturbed, I had a 4 year old grandson at the time and he never even bothered them.

instant end table

I have used them this way ever since in other places I have lived sometimes using two suitcases under a bigger top. I could even use them opened and add shelving to the inside of the suitcases….hmmm future project? The unexpected element is always in my living space…..because I am A Pickers Daughter.




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