Midweek Inspiration…Weekend Fun with Dev……things to do with your grandkids…..




I am always looking for something to keep my grandson busy. He comes over to Grannies (my) place a  lot. He loves to be outside but sometimes I can’t watch him so we keep busy when we have to be in the apartment. We rockpainted a few weeks a go on the suggestion of a friend. It was a hit we had so much fun. He made his into a monster face. Its there if you look at it really well, kinda scary. He spends a lot of time drawing, (and so do the big kids) on his chalkboard that I made with contac paper and chalkboard paint. We even planted a few plants on my patio. I was looking for ideas on pinterest.com for us to do this weekend and I think we will make glow in the dark bubbles, solar jars and glo stick fairy jars….even work on our fairy house. I see a weekend of  homemade pizza, recipe to follow, smores and living room tents and some fun crafts thrown in. We will share our fun in an upcoming post!


Dev testing his chalkboard out….


Best thing Grannies made for him!


Lucky us there are great rocks in an empty laguna at my apartments.




Paints, newspaper, cup of water, brushes and clear coat are all you need to paint rocks. I use a plastic plate as a palette.


Devy getting ready to paint!


His scary monster face..look at those big eyes!


Grannies flapper rock…

fathers day 004

Showing off our handy work hung up planters and planting plants on Grannies patio!

fathers day 005

All planted…strawberries and chile plants.

fathers day 009

Basil Dev had brought me from a science fair in the mall….they sprouted!

fathers day 010

Our tomato plant…

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